Surgical Targeting Fixtures – STarFix

Photo of MDEA 2004 awardSTarFix is a Maine medical technology development company that specializes in custom surgical targeting fixtures and stereotactic microframes. STarFix holds nine US patents and was awarded a Medical Design Excellence Gold [PDF] for a deep brain stimulation headframe design. STarFix products simplify physician planning and are more comfortable, repeatable, and accurate than traditional metal headframes.

STarFix Platform by FHC, Inc.StarFix technology is licensed by neuroscience market leader FHC, Inc. and by one of the largest medical device manufacturers in the world, Medtronic, Inc.  Our products have been used in thousands of clinical procedures around the world when targeting to within a millimeter is critical. Surgical uses of instruments incorporating STarFix technology include Parkinsons disease, essential tremor, depression, dystonia, pain management, epilepsy, brain biopsy, and cochlear implants.

We are actively pursuing new medical applications where our solution can simplify planning time, reduce cost, and improve patient outcomes.